University of Colorado Boulder

Dr. Hillary Potter


Hillary Potter is a criminologist specializing in . . .

  • criminological theory; Black feminist criminology; intersectional criminology

  • social constructions of race/ethnicity & gender

  • intersectional feminism, intersectionality, Black feminist thought

  • racialized & gendered perceptions of crime

  • violence against girls and women

  • community grassroots responses and government/State responses to crime and violence

  • qualitative/ethnographic research methods

Dr. Hillary Potter is the Associate Dean for Inclusive Practice in the College of Arts and Sciences and an Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder). She holds a B.A. and a Ph.D. in Sociology from CU Boulder and an M.A. in Criminal Justice from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice (a senior college of the City University of New York). Dr. Potter’s research focuses on intersectional and Black feminist analyses of the existence of and multifaceted responses to crime and violence. She is currently researching antiviolence activism in Black and Latinx communities, with field research in Ferguson/St. Louis, Missouri, and Denver, Colorado; and intimate and State violence against women of Color. Dr. Potter is the author of Intersectionality and Criminology: Disrupting and Revolutionizing Studies of Crime (Routledge Press, 2015) and Battle Cries: Black Women and Intimate Partner Abuse (New York University Press, 2008), and the editor of Racing the Storm: Racial Implications and Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina (Lexington Books, 2007).

​In January 2014, Dr. Potter began an ethnographic research project based on the work and lives of anti-violence activists working in communities of Color in the Denver, Colorado area. In October 2014, Dr. Potter began conducting ethnographic research in Ferguson, Missouri, on women involved in the anti-State violence ("Black Lives Matter") movement that began after the police officer-involved shooting death of Michael Brown. Dr. Potter also continues her ongoing qualitative research on (a) women of Color combating intimate partner violence and (b) a comparison of race, class, and targets-of-violence variations among men who use violence.

Dr. Potter was born and raised Denver, Colorado, and currently resides there. She regularly participates in community service and community activities in her hometown.